Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie War is out to Alpha Readers

boyscoutsvszombies-640x346I set a goal for myself to complete Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie War before Christmas. Then I hit a great writing pattern and it looked like it would be done a bit before that. I reset my goal to finish by December 18th.

I managed to finish it December 16th. I had a fantastic final writing sprint, knocking over 3,000 words off on Scouts alone. I finished the day with over 5,000 words total (wrote a short story for a Winter Anthology too). It was a day full of win.

Of course, the journey is far from over. My Alpha Readers now get a few weeks to pick the story apart and make suggestions for revision. I know there will be some. Maybe lots. Either way, those suggestions are important to getting the story right.

I’ve still got half-a-dozen Beta Reader spots left for the book if you are interested. Email me if you are (author at

Unless things really fall down for me over the next couple months, Scouts will be available in June. That’s the goal and the pieces are lining up to make it happen so far.


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