GalaxyBillies is the story of five humans from the Appalachian Mountains who are abducted by a semi-sentient starship. But what exactly is a semi-sentient starship? In this case, the starship is named Grokmar and the semi-sentient means that he needs an intelligent crew in order to function properly.

It just goes to show how far gone the ship was to select the crew it did.

The humans are an interesting bunch. There is:

  • Betty Sue – matriarch of the group and wife of Zeke
  • Zeke – husband to Betty Sue and one of the stupidest slabs of muscle to ever walk upright
  • Jim Bob – Betty Sue’s cousin and former paramour. A playboy by any reckoning and all-around cad
  • Carol Anne – teenage girl who secretly wants what Betty Sue has and isn’t afeared to fight for it
  • Bobby John – young orphan boy who has more secrets than anyone has a right to


The Kinfolk (AKA Fans of GalaxyBillies)

If you want your name added to the list of the kinfolk, simply email: kinfolk at irreverentmuse dot com and Michell will create your hillbilly name and post it on this page.

Kinfolk Hall of Fame

  • Bubba-Ray Pigchaser                      Michell Plested (author)
  • Sally-Rae Goatfarmer                     JoAnne Rice
  • Hank-Ray Gumphauler                   Ron Wintyrbourne
  • Jeb-Bob Potatoplanter                    DanDanTheArtMan
  • Billy Junior Hickgreaser                   00kMan
  • Doc-bob Hogsowner                       Thomas Reed
  • Jimmy Ray Farmer                         Jimmy Ray Farmer
  • Heather Mae Farmer                      Heather Ackerly
  • Jeb-Bob Burlapeater Farmer           Keith Bloeyn
  • Betsy Rae Farmer                          Sue Farmer
  • Peggy Sue Goateater Farmer         Tara Shepard
  • Suzie Jo Haygreaser Farmer           Pennie Eloitt
  • Molly Lu Pigpusher Farmer             Heather Howard
  • Goober Carter                                Richard Green
  • Jay Bob Justice                              JR Murdock
  • Jeb-Jo Hayhauler                           Joel Spangler
  • Stevie-Bob Squirrelthumper           Sean Brophy  (**New Member**)