Get Published


Get Published is a podcast I started in January 2009 to talk about writing. I created it for a number of reasons:

  1. I had wanted to do a podcast for more than two years (at that point) and since my ambition is to get published myself, what better topic to podcast about?
  2. I wanted to get more comfortable behind a microphone and with the actual production of a podcast before I set out to podcast any of my own writing.
  3. I had hoped that by forcing myself to talk about various topics I would become more knowledgeable about them myself helping me on my own publishing journey.
  4. I wanted to connect with other people who were also interested in getting published themselves.

Initially, I had planned for one episode per month. I was going to do the podcast as a sort of monologue with the main segment being me talking about a topic of interest. That all changed in April of 2009 when I had my first guest, Christiana Ellis, on the show to talk about the upcoming release of “Nina Kimberley the Merciless”. During that interview I discovered just how much better having a guest was; they could relate their own experiences in the publishing industry which, I think, has been much more useful than anything I ever researched to talk about.

My only concern was whether people would want to be on the show or not. I put out a call on Facebook for guests and had an overwhelming response. That’s when I realized I needed to increase the frequency of the show to bi-weekly. The only thing keeping it from ever going weekly is the number of commitments I have on my plate already.

The show has exceeded my expectations. I have had the chance to talk to a LOT of amazing people including authors, editors, publishers, cover artists  and agent interns. Some of these people are new to the business and some are long-timers. Every one of them has had something useful to say. I was also fortunate to be a finalist in the 2009 Parsec Awards which was a thrill.

Sadly, the podcast is no longer being produced; I had to step away from it because it simply took too much time away from my writing. But I am grateful to all who listened and continue to listen to it.