Hall of Heros


Powers: Bullet proof and flame proof cape that is sharp as razors; knows martial arts; can release radioactive energy beams.

Alter Ego: Classified

Location: Classified

Origin: Classified. What little is known comes via Twitter.

First Appearance: Shortly after reading Mik Murdock, Boy Superhero. Approximately March 24th, 2014.






Powers: Bullet and flame-resistant costume. Water-resistant feet and fear-inducing mask. He uses multiple weapons including super-soaker and cow pie launcher. May or may not have super powers (you will have to wait and see in Mik Murdoch: The Power Within). Has a heart of gold and a yearning for adventure

Alter Ego: Mik Murdoch. Does not currently have a hero-name.

Location: Cranberry Flats

Origin: Mik Murdoch decided to become a hero shortly after watching the Spider-man movie. He first tried and failed to gain super powers via radioactive bugs. He eventually created his own super suit and weapons systems.

First Appearance: August 1st, 2012 in the pages of Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero



Hitchings-9-NIFTY NINE

Group Powers: Sustained energy emission and consumption, ability to leap tall farm animals in a single bound. Extreme endurance and enthusiasm. Individual abilities are classified at this time.

Alter Ego: Classified

Location: Somewhere in New York state (exact location, classified)

Origin: Classified

First Appearance: Shortly after reading Mik Murdock: The Power Within. Approximately August 18th, 2014.



Powers: Super Speed. Incredible Energy.

Alter Ego: Classified

Location: Classified

Origin: Very little is known about The Gheetah. It is rumoured he comes from a very large family and developed his super speed due to a mischievous nature (always running away from siblings).

First Appearance: Revealed himself in the early days of 2018.


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