Reviews are Critical! And Needed… reviewBelieve it or not, an author’s success is not based on selling books…at least, not just on selling books.

Okay, I realize that is a counter-intuitive statement, but let me explain.

If I sell 100 books to friends and family who have me sign said books to go up on their shelves, all I’ve done is sent 100 books out into the world to collect dust. Those friends and family who don’t actually read the books might tell the occasional visitor (who asks about the book) about how they have a friend or family member who is a writer.

Likely, that is where the word-of-mouth promotion ends.

On the other hand, if I sell 20 books to strangers who read the books and enjoy them, chances are they will talk about it. Even better, they might write reviews about the books and post them on Amazon where other readers can see the reviews. If I’m really lucky, the number of reviews on Amazon will hit the tipping point (about 45 reviews, I’m told) and Amazon will actively promote the book.

That’s when things get REALLY interesting. More strangers might actually find the book and take a chance on an unknown author. They might like the book and spread the word further. The book may become popular and sell hundreds (or maybe even thousands) more copies.

Should the planets align, the cycle of discovery could continue indefinitely.

Two very different outcomes (and yes, I realize there is a lot of guessing and conjecture in both examples).

Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero is being re-released June 1, 2016. I am delighted to see Amazon has moved the original 7 reviews from the original release over to this one. Unfortunately, 7 is a long way from 45.

This is where you come in.

I need more reviews, on Amazon specifically. If you or someone you know has read Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero please take a few moments (or encourage the someone you know – reviews from younger readers = Amazing) to review the book and post it to Amazon. Any Amazon whether it be .com or .ca or .countryofyourchoice will do. The review doesn’t have to be long; a few sentences detailing what you liked/disliked about the book is perfect.

I know that sounds like some work, but honestly, it won’t take you much longer than writing an email or sending a text. And it will help me more than you will ever know.

If you haven’t read the book, you have a bit more to do. First, you have to read the book. I can’t help you read it, but I can provide you with a FREE eBook copy (ePub or Mobi) so you actually can read it. Once you have read it, THEN you write the review. Comment on this post or email me (author at telling me the version of the book you need (again, ePub or Mobi) and I will get that to you ASAP.

If you have already reviewed the book but not posted the review to Amazon, please copy your review up to Amazon. Again, I need to hit that 45 review tipping point and since Amazon is the biggest book seller in the world, that is the place to do it.

Lastly, if you want to tell friends, teachers, relatives, strangers on the street about the book or you want to post your reviews to other places as well as Amazon, please do so. The better the books do, the more I can write.

Don’t put this off. The more reviews I can have on or just after June 1st the better. Please note, Amazon won’t accept the reviews until June 1st though.

Thank you in advance.


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