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New Mik1 CoverI’ve been away from writing new work for a while and it is weighing heavily on me. I haven’t added any words to Scouts 2, Jack Kane 2 or anything on Wattpad.


Cause I’m a publisher now too. You probably already know this but, my partner Jeffrey Hite and I started the press, Evil Alter Ego Press (EAEP) just over a year ago. Last year we published three books. This year it will be more (four in the next four months or so).

Granted, three of those books were previously printed by another publisher but we still need to go through all the right steps to ensure quality books come out the other end. That means editing, proofing, layout and covers have to be gone through again.

What is amazing to me is how much I’ve actually adjusted/changed in the books so far.

The first two books we are re-releasing are both mine: Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero and Mik Murdoch: The Power Within. EAEP acquired the rights in April and we’ve been working hard to ready them both for print.

I sent them to a friend of mine who is extremely meticulous in her proof-reading. I expected her to find a few errors; I knew there were some in both books.

She sent notes on about eight dozen typos, word misuse and clunky phrasing for book one and more for book two. I knew the first book read a little clunky in spots but I never expected that nor did I expect that kind of response for book two.

Both books were professionally edited prior and proofed. I found a few of the errors she pointed out but missed the vast majority of them. This should tell you, no matter how thoroughly a book is edited, it will still have some problems. I’m delighted to say they are both much more polished than ever before.

With those edits complete, I’m almost past the heaviest part of the lift. At least for now. The covers for the first two are also done and book one has been sent to the printers for a June 1 release date. Book two is ready to go for a July 1 release.

Book three, Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience will be a brand new release for August. It has already gone through three full editing passes. I’m making final changes to it today before it goes through polishing edits and then proofing. We also have layout and a cover to do. When those things are done I will finally start writing new material. I could start sooner but getting these books right is too important.


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