The past two years have been a roller-coaster ride for most of us. We’ve hit some highs, lots of lows and, in many cases, have counted ourselves lucky to simply make it through some days. Rejuvenation of our hopes, spirits and those activities which bring us joy is long overdue.

I’ll admit, the word, rejuvenation, only re-entered my lexicon in the past days. Prior to that, survival was more of the key word for me. But there have been a number of reminders that I have much to be thankful for. Those reminders have steered me back from survival mode.

Fall/Christmas Craft Fairs

Fall/Christmas Craft Fairs have been a singular point of in-person contact between me and my readers the past while. I haven’t done any book signings in book stores and the Comic Expo has been either (a) canceled or (b) modified/downsized to the point it wasn’t worthy my while to attend. 2021 was the first year since 2019 I was able to participate in the craft fairs.

I did two in the brief window where they were allowed here (same weekend as it turns out) and at both of them I had fans stop to talk to me. They talked about what they loved in my books and asked me what was coming next. I even managed to gain a few more readers along the way. Those conversations reminded me (and gave me a solid push) that I need to get back into writing more and telling the stories my readers (and characters) crave.

Did a Christmas Reading

I was invited to a family’s home for Christmas for food and fellowship. The family are self-professed book-lovers and asked if I could do a reading. I agreed and read some of a chapter from my first Mik Murdoch novel.

Their preferred genre is Mystery (they tell me) but they loved the reading. It was fun for me to share my work and very rewarding to hear what they thought of it. This was yet another reminder of why I write. I want to share my stories with other people so they can be enjoyed. So they can experience the story in ways I intend.

Big News – Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience is now an Audiobook

The final reminder I’m going to talk about firmly falls into the self-promotion basket but is no less important. Our wonderful narrator, Kevin Earlywine, has completed work on Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience. It will be available everywhere in the next couple weeks.

Kevin emailed me to say how much he enjoyed the story and the writing. High praise, indeed (no, I didn’t pay him to compliment the book). I’ve been told before that my writing continues to improve and my readers tell me they love the books. Like many authors, I often don’t listen enough. I listened this time.

It’s time to get back to work.

Positive Strokes

We all need to hear good things. We all need to know when we have done/are doing a good job. I will finally admit, I’m no different in that respect. I’m sure you are all in the same boat as me.

So, let me tell you how much I appreciate you staying tuned in to me and my ramblings. It is so important to know that you, my readers, are out there. Thank you.

And for those of you who want to help push forward my own rejuvenation, don’t hesitate to leave reviews of my books on any of the book sites. They help more than you know.


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