Recharging my Batteries

When I was laid off for four months I made sure that I wrote every single day (not to mention hunted for jobs). I put out a lot of resumes and almost as much new fiction. It was a creative time.

Then I got a job and I tried to keep the pace of writing at the same level with less day to do it in. Then my wife took a second job and I worked and was Mr. Mom at night and I still tried to keep my writing up.

Naturally, I crashed and burned.

It was a pretty tall horse to climb back up on but I have done so and I’m starting to feel good about it. I know I need a break though, to fully get that energy back and this week I’m doing something completely different that will (hopefully) help. I just don’t know if the break will be relaxing (taking some of my Scouts to Pacific Jamboree). I guess it doesn’t need to be relaxing. It ┬ájust needs to be a change.

The one potential downside is I may not be writing as much. Mind you, I am taking a notebook and pens. Just no electronics. I’ll see how I fare writing the old fashioned way.

I know it will be good, but I don’t know exactly how I’ll fare without Internet. I haven’t been spending as much time connecting with my online crowd as I would like. Maybe the absence will remind me what I’m missing.

Anyhow, I’ll sign off now. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I will miss interacting with you, I know, but maybe I’ll be able to come back fresh and interesting again.


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