That’s Twice Now…

I hate when I miss a deadline and yesterday I missed my weekly post for only the second time since I started my blog. Unfortunately, it is also the second time this year.

I’ve talked about this many times and I’m sure you all have experienced it too; life has a tendency to intrude on the little things like writing every day, sleep and having fun. Now, before you get the impression that I consider those items more important than family and friends, I don’t. Family and friends always take precedence over the other demands on my time.

That’s probably why I missed the deadline. I was away from home all last week and my wife and daughter have been asking for more of my time. I’m grateful they want to spend time with me; the alternative isn’t something I want to consider. It does mean that my mind isn’t on my blog, social media interactions and writing as much though.

I know I’ve been away from Twitter and Facebook and a few other places (ahem, Goodreads, for example). I have missed those interactions and I feel like I’m letting my online community down. Having said that, as mentioned above, my priorities need to be with friends and family.

So, my apologies for missing the deadline and I hope you understand. I will continue to try and keep all the balls in the air but I will occasionally drop one (or two).



  1. I always tell everybody, that online life is all fun and dandy, and their are commitments that we do need to keep. But, in reality, you need to live your real life, as that is most important. I’ve had to regretfully ban myself from online time for weeks at a time, in order to regain focus. So, if you miss a deadline or two … I will not be standing there glaring daggers at you. I understand. <3 I'm sure others will as well.

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