NaNoWriMo – Day 19

I’m afraid the no writing in the morning or at mid day trend continued today. The snow keeps falling and the people on the roads keep driving poorly so I have to (a) shovel every morning and (b) leave extra early so I can actually make it to work on time.

My evening output wasn’t terribly stellar either but for a very good reason. My daughter took me out to see Harry Potter 7pt1 for my Christmas present. I know very well that the two part way they are presenting it is a cash grab and unfortunately the emotions in the movie are a little flat for me, but I still enjoyed the night out.

Even though this movie was far from my favorite of the Harry Potter series, it still made me think about the brilliant and obviously conscious decision made by JK Rowling to age her characters as the books went on. Granted, the whole school premise kind of demands it, but I still love that the characters get older and the problems are more mature as the books go on too. It reinforced what I hope to do with my own YA Novels. I won’t be copying Ms. Rowling in any way, but I hope to capture some of that character growth and aging and the problems that go with it.

As I mentioned before, my numbers for the evening were not great, but I did manage to break 45,000 words with a NaNoWriMo total of 45,024 words.


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