NaNoWriMo – Day 20

As you have seen by the results of the past few days I have been having a reduction in my writing output. Today was a refreshing change in many ways.

I was able to have a relaxing writing day. I got up after sleeping in an extra hour and spent an hour working on my writing. My son and I had some errands to run which temporarily stalled the writing, but that was fine. I worked on my stuff a bit more after I got home and spent another hour in the early evening doing more writing.

Then I had the privilege of attending the Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing 10th Anniversary Steel and Steam party. I got to talk with people I’ve met before and several I had never had the chance to meet before. It was great. I even had the pleasure of my son and daughter’s company which made the event even more fun for me.

I also learned that one of the anthologies I’m writing a story for has a submission deadline that is sooner than I expected. That means I now have two short stories that are due to be complete before NaNoWriMo is over. That also means I will be breaking a NaNo rule and do some editing in November but not before I hit my 50,000 words and win NaNo.

So let me talk actual project status for November before I address word count.

My original NaNoNovel is about 20 – 25% complete. I’m pretty happy with the way it is going. The plotting is complete and whenever I write on it, things flow along very nicely.

My first short story is a combination of Pirate, Magic and Steampunk that I am writing for an anthology VG Ford is putting together. I want to make sure it is as good as it can be so I’ve already stopped writing my first idea and I’m 80% of the way through a second one. I like the story but I know I’ve got some revising to do before I can submit it.

My second short story is a YA story set in the near future for another anthology. This story is about 65% finished and is going along nicely too. I’ve been thinking about the story for a couple months and it is pretty clear in my mind.

The final project is a YA Zombie novel. I first came up with the idea on the way to our last Scout Camp. After telling a much abbreviated version of it around the campfire and getting such a positive response from the Scouts I knew I had to write it. I’ve already written about 10% of the story. That percentage is where it will sit until at least December because I’ve got to really give it some attention. It feels like a great one and I want to do it right.

So, let’s talk about word count.

Morning output: approximately 200 words

Mid day output: approximately 400 words

Evening output: approximately 2300 words.

Total output for the day: 2976 words

Current NaNo total: 48,000 words.



  1. Hello Michell! It was good to meet you at the party last night. The cake was fabulous and lasted maybe five minutes. 🙂

    Best of luck to you on your writing goals this month!

  2. Hello Cheyenne,

    It was good meeting you too and I knew the cake would be great. I hope you had a few bites for me too. Thank you for your good wishes.


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