NaNoWriMo – Day 18

Today was not a normal writing day for me. The snow continues to fall (I think we are up to or very close to twelve inches or twenty-six centimetres of snow in the last three days) and people continue to get worse in their driving. As an example, the first day took me forty minutes to drive to work (it usually takes me twenty minutes). Day two was a forty-five minute drive and today was an hour.

You might argue that the driving times are worse because of the extra snow but the road crews have been doing a yeoman’s job keeping the streets clear of snow.

Anyway, long story short, I’ve been leaving earlier and earlier which means I don’t have writing time available in the morning. Today was even more strange because I had an appointment in the early afternoon. That meant leaving work earlier and not writing at mid-day. Grocery shopping came after I got home and then I had an interview for my podcast, “Get Published”. That ate up more of my evening. So I’m went into  my NaNo writing late in the evening.

That’s a problem I think most of us have in our daily lives. We are juggling many priorities that change by the day or even by the hour. How  well we deal with that will determine whether we are able to get our writing done or not.

It’s definitely something I struggle with every day.

But that’s what is convincing me that I can be a writer. I find a way to get it done despite the obstacles. I was reminded that I need to spend more time with the family though. Writing is important, but not as important as their happiness.

So that was the final weirdness to the day. I did my writing while spending time with the family watching television. I needed to spend that time with them even it was just being in the room with them.

The other thing I’v noticed today is the decline in my productivity. You can argue that I’m far enough ahead of the count that I don’t need to do 2,500 or more words per day and you would be right. But I don’t want to finish on the 30th of the month. I want to be done well before that so I can keep working on my writing and do some editing too.

I know that every story gets harder to write as you get further into it. The early excitement has worn off and the writing just gets tougher. That makes the big daily output less likely. I need to get back to the big numbers I was getting early on in November.

I already know that’s going to be difficult over the next few days, but that’s what I’m going to strive to do. Rally on and get the writing done.

Writing breakdown for today:

Morning: 0

Mid day: 0

Evening: 1282 words

NaNo Total to date: 44,310 words


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