NaNo 2017 – Day 7 – It wasn’t pretty but…

On day seven I had more than my fair share of challenges. Remember that parent I mentioned? Well, I had a number of difficult discussions with my parent, the doctor and so on. I also had a full day of errands to run before my wife and went home (a three-hour drive, btw).

We managed to get the errands mostly done. At least, done enough until we go again next week. And then we left for home.

I was thoroughly exhausted by the time we started back and I really didn’t want to write, but I knew I had to keep the streak going. So, I managed a few hundred words in the car.

Challenges of the Day

Definitely spending the time at the hospital followed by running errands followed by more time in the hospital followed by several hours on the road. Travel always tires me. This was worse.

Number of Words for the Day:  2040 words

My lowest single day total so far but still well above the 1667 words recommended by NaNoWriMo to achieve the 50,000 in 30 days. I won’t lie, it was a tough slog and the words were likely some of my worst. But they are now down on the page and can therefore be edited.

How I Hit my Word Total for the Day

About 300 words came while I was a passenger in my vehicle. Moving vehicles have always made me sleepy and this was no exception. I managed to stay awake but not get much written.

We got home early evening so I sat down and pounded away at the keyboard for a couple hours. Again, tough going and I wasn’t writing nearly as fast as I usually do. I still managed to write approximately 1,700 words.

Today’s Goal: 2,000 words

I have work today and I’m still tired from the weekend. I do want to keep my progress above 2000 words per day, so I’m going to be optimistic.


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