NaNo 2017 – Day 23 – The Train Keeps Chugging Along

And yes, I do appreciate how odd it is that I’m worried about how I am going to go forward. I don’t have a split personality. Not exactly, but I definitely have my author persona (which I bring out when I’m doing training or book signings as an example) and I have my, let’s just lay around and watch television persona.

Granted, the later one rarely makes an appearance anymore. The one that does show up is the “I’m really tired and just want to go to bed” persona.

At any rate, my concerns about myself have thus far been groundless. I’ll have to keep pushing that author person, but…

…I did keep writing. It wasn’t as easy as some of my previous days, but I managed to hit the word count anyway.

Challenges for the Day

More errands, but we did get home at a decent hour. The biggest challenge was where to take the story next.

Number of Words for the Day:  2,026 words

How I Hit my Word Total for the Day

I wrote from about 7 PM to 8:30 PM. It wasn’t my most productive day ever but I’m happy with the hurdle I overcame.

Today’s Goal: 2,000 words

I’m at about two-thirds complete on Scouts 3 and I really want to hit “The End” in November. Happily, I’m exactly where I want to be in the story for percent complete.

I have a book signing tonight, which means no words until I’m home. The signing completes at 8PM, I’m told and then I have about an hour drive to get home so I’ll be starting late.

Number of Words to Date: 52,033 words


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