NaNo 2017 – Day 22 – 50,000 in 22 Days

I did it.

There were times last night when I wasn’t sure it would happen. The first of those was when I didn’t actually start my final push until 9:45 PM. I still needed 1,500 words at that point so I knew that no matter how fast I typed, I was going into overtime.

At 50,007, I decided I could call it a day. That was around 10:30, I believe.

I still wrote fast, but due to the delayed start I was later finishing than I like (for full disclosure, I don’t ever sleep well and I get up at 5:30 AM so I need to go to bed relatively early).

Still, it was worth it.

Challenges for the Day

A busy day followed by a busy night. I had a 7 PM meeting and we weren’t home until 6 PM. I managed about 25 minutes of writing between getting home and going to the meeting. That put me up to about 1,000 words at that point.
Number of Words for the Day:  2,409 words
How I Hit my Word Total for the Day
I had a 25 minute window at 6 PM and then finished with a 45 minute sprint beginning at 9:45 PM.
Today’s Goal: 2,000 words

I thought about reducing my goal after hitting 50,000 but I still have to finish Scouts 3 so I’m leaving it at 2,000. I am over 60% complete on Scouts 3 so I’m hoping to keep the pace up and type “The End” on the 30th. If I don’t I will be very close.

Number of Words to Date: 50,007 words

I have reached the goal word count but I still have a book to finish. If I can continue my pace of around 2,200 words per day for the last 8 days that will put me right about where I want to be with Scouts of the Apocalypse 3.

I’ve actually been thinking about my word production a lot, as you might imagine. I’ve heard crazy stories of people hitting 50,000 words the first day. I’m not even sure how that’s physically possible and I don’t actually care. Assuming it’s true, I can’t imagine those words form any kind of cohesive book. Who knows, maybe that person is just typing “the” over and over again.
What I do know is, the book I’m writing actually flows pretty well. It will definitely need some editing, but I have something here that works. Most of it is usable rather than throw-away and that’s a wonderful thing. It tells me that my story-telling ability continues to improve.

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