Calgary Comic Expo 2018

Calgary Comic Expo 2018 – A new Frontier

On Thursday I’m setting up for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2018. I will be there from Thursday April 26th through Sunday April 29th. I’ve attended as a fan several times. I’ve even thought about getting a table before but I just never quite had the nerve to pull the trigger. I always had excuses: the tables are too expensive, I don’t have enough books.

Then a fellow author and I talked about sharing a table. I could go without breaking the bank, I reasoned.

When everything was confirmed, my mind really started to work overtime. What else could I take to sell that might draw people in?

Merchandise Old and New

I took my experiences selling at Fall and Christmas markets to get badges made up. They turned out better than I had ever expected. I know, people at the Comic Expo are looking for unique collectibles.The badges will fit that bill quite nicely.

I also made the choice to get a larger print run of Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie Plague (book one, if you are counting). The reasoning? It would be a real shame to show up with thirty books and sell out the first day. The reason for being here is to grow my audience, after all. I need a good quantity of books to sell if I hope to do that. I decided to go big.

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

I actually enjoy talking to people when I’m at the bookstores and at various events. But rarely do I have to step outside my comfort zone to sell. I’m going to try to do that this time. There is a large (~100,000 people) audience of potential buyers attending. I need to catch their eye and sell and get them reading my books. It will be interesting.

Come See Me

I’m sharing a booth with Simon Rose. An awesome fellow YA author. We are in the Big Four Building, booth 5023. I would love to see you. Come say hello. I will have some great deals available too!

Wish me luck.


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