Ups and Downs

Being a writer seems to be full of ups and downs.

Up – you just finished writing your book, which is brilliant.

Down – you submit it to 243 different publishers and receive an impressive collection of rejections.

Up – Publisher #244 asks you for a full submission of your manuscript

Down – You get rejection #244

Up (eventually, maybe?) – You get a contract

Down – you get your revisions and the number required is 582 revisions and half the manuscript scrapped.

….and so on.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Glory? Fame? Not money (although that is a common misconception – i.e. that getting published will result in lots and LOTS of money).

I know, for me, I write because I want people to read and enjoy my work. True, I like seeing the books on my bookshelf and my list of credits grow on Amazon, Goodreads and other places. But mostly it is for the readers.

That’s why I have podcast fiction (GalaxyBillies and Boyscouts of the Apocalypse), published some (Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero) and put stuff up for free on my website and on Wattpad, not to mention the several anthologies I have work in. Putting my work out in a variety of places allows more people to see and hopefully enjoy my stuff.

Do the downs hurt?

You bet. But that just makes the up-times so much better. I have a couple more of those to celebrate with you all very soon (that’s a teaser, in case you missed it). But not today. Certain things have to work themselves through the proper steps first.

All I can say is, enjoy the times when you succeed. Sometimes it takes a while, but it is worth it when it finally happens.


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