Tis the Season

Traditionally, this is the time of year when I get to spend time with my friends and family, have a bit of a break from the workaday life and generally, just relax.

Alas, that hasn’t really been the case this year. No extra vacation time (changed job and had lots of demands on the vacation time I DID have) means I will get two days off instead of the usual nine that I like to take. My kids are getting older and have their own things to do and the weather has indeed been frightful so far this year.

All that has meant no relaxation and little to no rest. Happily, I am still a long ways from saying ‘Bah Humbug!’ to anyone. 🙂

It has been a challenging, sometimes daunting year. There are a number of things that didn’t go quite according to plan (I know, welcome to the club, right), and I am having to fight to move forward. But having said that, I’ve also had several victories.

Professionally (writing-wise), I’m further ahead than ever. I feel like I’m starting to move in the right direction even if I do suffer the occassional stumble. I have a wonderful group of friends and followers (thank you all, btw) and I know my writing future is bright.

I’ve been reading VG Ford’s wonderful Advent Story which is putting me firmly back into the holiday spirit AND I’ve been writing a new serial for my newsletter. That has been a lot of fun and is definitely getting my creative juices flowing.

You may be asking why I’m writing the post now, instead of in a week or two. Well, I know very well that some folks are able to start doing fun things (warm destination vacations, travel to see family, etc.) so I didn’t want to wait too long to say how important you all are to me and how much I appreciate your friendship and support.

Thank you so much for everything and have a wonderful, safe holiday season.




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