The Power of a Smile

Something happened to me today that made me realize just how much of a difference a kind word or a smile can make.

I use transit to get to work. That means I catch a bus which takes me to a train which takes me within a few blocks of my office. I have always tried to have a cheerful good morning for the bus driver. I smile when I get on and occasionally I stop to say a few words. That’s who I am. I like to be friendly with people and I think that by taking that little bit of time, I’m telling the people around me that I appreciate them.

I’ve just never really known if that message was getting across or not.

This morning, when I got on the bus, my driver told me that she would be changing routes next Monday. I was expecting it to happen as I know the driver rotation changes every three months here. What I didn’t expect was her telling me how much she appreciated the smile and “good morning” every day. When she told me she would miss it, there were tears in her eyes.

It really made my day to know that I have brightened hers for the past three months. It also made me realize just how powerful a smile can be.

I plan to use my powers for good, going forward. If a smile can improve someone’s day, a frown will surely take away some of the cheer. I know I’ve had days where the smiles come harder, but, I think I will share them just the same. And maybe I’ll put the frowns away more.

That’s my goal. Make the world a better place, one smile at a time. How about you?



  1. If someone says it or not, a smile goes a long way. When I’m at my daughter’s volleyball practice, I always try to be encouraging even if they’re having a bad practice. I smile, I clap, I cheer. Even though some say it’s annoying, I know they’d miss it if it weren’t there.

    It’s nice to know when you’re appreciated, but reciprocation is always nice.

    Good on you! Keep on smiling 🙂

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