Mik Murdoch is into Final Edits

I received the last set of edits from my editor, Robert Runte, on Saturday. Robert’s comments were all very positive which was very gratifying to read. This version only has 150 required changes, most very minor.

It feels great to have them now and to know that the story really doesn’t need any major work. Robert is (he says) very happy with the quality of the manuscript so that is encouraging. Now, I just have to work my way through and finish it.

As in the previous version of the manuscript, we are working in Microsoft Word with Track Changes on. This is a great way to go because I can see Robert’s changes and comments and he can see mine quickly and easily. What he did with the last version (I believe), is review everything I did, accept the changes and start with a fresh document. I’ve noticed that he has picked up a few items he passed over last time so I know we are getting close.

My understanding is, once the edits are finished, Lorina Stephens, my publisher, will take the manuscript and layout the book. Once that is done, ARCs will be sent out to reviewers and I will have a proof copy to review myself and approve. All this so we are ready for When Words Collide in August.

That is where the book launch is scheduled to happen. I honestly have no idea what to expect so I’m both excited and nervous at the same time. Still, this is what I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember so I’m thrilled too. It’s amazing and scary and hard-to-believe all at the same time.


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