A Change in Perspective

It has been an interesting year; one that has changed my perspective on writing in general and my personal goals in particular.

I really started to think about what my writing means to me when Robert Jordan passed away.  It struck me as very sad that he was unable to finish his masterpiece.  Then I learned that even during his final days, Mr. Jordan was working hard to ensure that it would be finished.  His readers would not be disappointed and his characters would get their final day in the sun.  He was dictating notes right up until his final week, I understand.

Then, Terry Pratchett announced that he has a rare form of Alzheimer’s.  He shrugged it off by saying that he probably still has five or six books left in him.

And finally, Anne McCaffery, my long-time favorite author.  She continues to author and co-author books in her 80’s.  Her son Todd has taken over the Pern franchise and has just released his third title set in that world.

All three have a common theme.  Writing is their life.  Regardless of what comes whether it be disease, old age or death, the stories must continue, the characters must live on.

I often accuse myself of procrastination.  I have finished stories that need to be told.  I have stories yet to write.  What I sometimes don’t think I have is the determination to see them completed.

It’s time to change all that.

I have not yet finished my editing even though I set a deadline of December 31.  I have managed to shave 3,000 words off the story so far and I feel good about the rest of the editorial process (for the first time).

Now it’s time to finish that project and get it out in front of publishers.  If that doesn’t work, I will self-publish it and get the word out on my own.

What I won’t do is continue to sit on my laurels and wait for something to happen.  All that will happen if I follow that course of inaction is nothing.

And how sad would that be if I were to never achieve my greatest ambition?


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