2 Minutes for Interference

I have a confession to make… I let the holidays interfere with my writing.

There, I’ve said it.  Now let the healing process begin.

I actually went away with the best of intentions.  I backed up my writing to a USB Flash drive, I packed away my laptop and my mouse.  I put my iPod into the case.

It wasn’t until we were 30 minutes from home that I realized that I had left my power supply at home.  Oops!  Ah but for the best laid plans…

Still, my sister-in-law (who graciously let us stay at her house) has a computer.  There were even moments when the kids weren’t on it playing Runescape.  Still, I never quite summoned the energy and motivation to do any writing.

Despite my hard-set goals, I wasn’t able to put down a single word or edit even one line of text.  Somehow, I’ll get over it because what I DID manage to do was have a nice relaxing week that put a few new memories into my head and gave me a much needed break.  And somehow, that’s enough.  Now I’m ready to push forward.

I hope your holidays were as fruitful.


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