Day 4

Day 4 was a good day. I was able to add more than the minimum word count for the day and I was also able to add some more interesting items to the story.

One of the criticism I have occasionally heard about Mik is he’s so darn good. Now, I would argue, being good doesn’t make a character unbelievable. In fact, I pity those people who haven’t ever known someone who is selfless and good.

They are out there. I know, I’ve met more than a few.

Regardless, Mik has demonstrated throughout his adventures that he is less than perfect. One of the aspects of his journey that I’ve tried to portray is that, as he grows into a hero, he fails at times.

I know, I’ve heard many MANY times that failure is a great teacher. As much as I despise failing, I have to agree, lessons learned from failures are usually the ones that I remember.

The bonus I have from Day 4 writing is, Mik has had another opportunity to learn from his failures.

I think it will make the story even more powerful.

Number of words on Day 4: 1880 (total words to date: 6883)


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