Mik Murdoch: Identity Troubles

You might think being a superhero would be cool but Mik Murdoch knows it isn’t all fun and adventure. Being the self-appointed hero of Cranberry Flats, he has had his fair share of problems to deal with.

Like keeping his secret identity hidden – a tough thing to do in a small town.

When his father starts asking about his nightly activities, Mik realizes that his alter-ego and his days as a hero may be at risk. But how to stop the questions? It takes an old friend, who unexpectedly comes to town, to distract people. Only, that friend disappears shortly after, putting the entire town on edge.

Mik battles fear, suspicion and mobs to find the lost and save a former nemesis. Oh yeah, and while he’s at it, he has to deal with a haunted house and its vengeful spirit.

Mik Murdoch: Identity Troubles, is book four in the Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero series.

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