You are all important to me

Writing is a solitary venture and I often lose sight of the fact that without you, my friends and fans, this life would be a hollow endeavour.

Kind of a melancholy way to begin a post, wouldn’t you say?

It’s not meant to be. Not at all. In fact, it is a statement of truth and a wake up call for me. I wish I were less self-absorbed and didn’t need these sorts of calls to realize just what I have.

In the past week, I have lost two people. One a cousin and friend, the other an acquaintance and member of my writing community. The passings of both came as a shock to me. The kind of shock that wakes one up and makes him (in my case) question what I’ve been doing. Makes me ask why I haven’t been paying more attention.

As the title of the post says, you are all important to me. Put whatever emphasis on whatever word(s) in that statement you like. It remains true. I have family and friends I haven’t spoken to in a while yet I still feel their presence and contributions to who I am every day. I know I am the sum of everyone I have ever I known.

That’s kind of humbling to admit.

And thanks are in order.

So, thank you all for being part of who I am. Thank you for playing a role in my life. I know that you are standing on one of shoulders influencing everything I do and I am grateful.


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