Write Your Passions

Before you ask, I am NOT talking specifically about erotica or romance here…not specifically. I more want to talk about writing in terms of those things in your life that you are passionate about. That could include erotica or romance. 🙂

I was thinking about my soon-to-be-released book, Scouts of the Apocalypse. Scouting has been a part of my life for more than a dozen years now and, the more involved I am, the more I realize how important a role it has played for me and my family.

I wasn’t a scout when I was young. I lived in the country and going into town for scout meetings was inconvenient at best. So, other than the occasional time when I saw the scouts drilling in one of the school fields, I had very little exposure to the movement.

That changed when my son turned five and we joined a local group. I wasn’t a leader that first year but I quickly decided to become one. I haven’t really looked back since and I have been enriched in so many ways, I’m not even sure where to begin.

But that’s not what this post is about. At least, not exactly what it’s about.

When I started to write seriously, the idea of writing stories about scouts didn’t even occur to me. It wasn’t until I told my first campfire story and subsequently wrote it down that I considered it at all.

But, as I am doing edits/revisions to the story, I’m understanding just how much writing about something important to me has improved the story. Scouting is important to me, so I am writing about it and my scouts in particular with a special sort of perspective that has really made the story a fun one for me to write.

Fun enough, in fact, that I suspect I will be writing more of them in the future.

I actually feel a similar connection to my Mik Murdoch series. I have always loved comic books, heroes and the like and Mik is a definite reflection of that. In both the Mik Murdoch and Scouts examples, the writing, while not entirely effortless, has been very enjoyable.

I have had stories where a connection doesn’t exactly exist that have been anything but. I think that has probably been reflected in the quality of the story.

I’m not really touting anything new here. As the writer, you need to have a solid commitment to the story. You have to live it, love it and, in some cases, breathe it, to bring it to life. For those of you just trying to break into writing, perhaps that means, rather than write what you think will sell (at least initially), write what you love. That love will be reflected in your writing, bring you pleasure and let you hone your craft all at the same time.


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