When Life Gives Lemons…

I went on a week’s vacation a little while ago and the last thing I did before I left the house was reboot my computer.

That was also the last time I saw it alive.

It (the computer) made the unfortunate decision to refuse to reboot. Because I was going out of town and had my backup laptop available, I didn’t worry too much. I could fix it when I got home (I told myself). That was two weeks ago.

Fortunately, all of my data is backed up in at least two different places. I have spent several hours working on said computer and only last night did I see the faintest glimmer of life come back to its old, much-loved monitors.

The system being out-of-action has meant I’ve been even less productive the past while than usual. It has also meant I’ve developed some new emergency backup work procedures. That’s both bad and good.

It has also given me the opportunity to rebuild the system to the most current software revision. Something I was very hesitant to do before. I figured, heck, it’s dead anyway, I might as well make it bigger, faster, stronger.

And so, it is going in that direction and when it is done it will be the current OS revision, a bigger hard disk and fewer dust bunnies. Hopefully all the functionality I used to enjoy plus much, much more too.

And so, I was given lemons and from that I am making lemonade. And when I am done, the angels will sing for joy and I will be a writing machine once again.



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