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I’ve heard different opinions about book awards from different publishers. On the one extreme, I’ve had publishers say awards don’t mean anything. They don’t really make any difference in book sales.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve had publishers say awards are critical. They can make a book and a writer’s career.

I’m somewhere in the middle (maybe I lean a little towards “Awards are important”). I think a book award can absolutely sell books. A book award can increase awareness. A book award can open doors that might remain closed otherwise. A book award can move a career forward.

But…why do I feel that way?

I feel that way because I know some readers look for “Award winning” or “Award nominated”. They are the same sort of people who look for Academy Award winning movies to watch. They exist and are therefore a market to be considered.

In my genre(s) – that is, written for a younger audience – I think parents are looking for anything to give a book credibility for their kids. Awards can do that. That ties directly into moving an author’s career forward. Anything that helps sell books will get an author noticed. More notice (for the right, positive reasons) is a very good thing.

All that being said, my book, Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience has been shortlisted for a Prix Aurora award. Voting for the award is currently open. All you need is a membership to the CSFFA (Canadian Science Fiction Fantasy Association) to vote. That is $10 (Canadian) to join.

I know what you’re thinking. I’d love to help Michell out, but $10? Come on!

The $10 gets you the membership and the ability to vote. It also gets you eBook copies of many/most of the shortlisted books (about 40, I think). 40 books for $10? Deal of the year, especially when you consider many of the eBooks retail for more than $5 each.

Every vote is critical. You can make a big difference in my career with your votes so your help is appreciated (as is your continued support). You can find out the details here:



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