The Challenge: #7X7X7X7

One of my TwitterFriends, that magnificent bastard Argyle Hartley, recently invited me to take the #7x7x7x7 challenge. I have magnanimously accepted! The rules are: you post the next 7 lines after the 7th line on the 7th page of a work in progress and then invite 7 other writers to do the same.

Sounds pretty simple, so here it is. 7 lines from my adult, sci-fi comedy serial, Champ McKay, Texas Space Ranger.

The woman laughed. “Well, Ranger. You aren’t in Texas anymore. You are a little out of your jurisdiction.”

“My jurisdiction extends out into the territories too,” I protested. I wasn’t about to let this purple woman confuse the issue.

She nodded. “That would be very well and good if we were in the territories, but I’m afraid we are not. In fact, it is safe to say, you are nowhere near your legal jurisdiction anymore.”

The snake man laughed at that but stopped when she gave him a warning glance.

“Well, where in the hell am I?”

“Ranger, you are in the headquarters of the Orion Rangers. We are the law in this sector.”

There you have it. seven lines of the first episode of Champ McKay. Now I have to challenge 7 other writers.



  1. Nifty challenge. Here’s the #7x7x7x7 for Safe Word (thriller):

    “We have ten minutes remaining in you session. Have you spoken to your fiancée about how it makes you feel when she accuses you of being unfaithful?”
    Anderson rolled his eyes. “She says we need to go to couple’s counseling.”
    “Are you opposed to that?”
    “I don’t need to see another shrink, no offense.” Anderson had never been shy about his reluctance toward therapy. “Couldn’t you see us? I’ll just bring her in on one of my sessions.”
    “You know I can’t do that,” Jacob said.

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