Busy Brain

Being a creative person is usually a good thing…except when I have too many ideas percolating in my brain. Then, being creative merely means I’m a person with insomnia. I go to bed, try to shut down and my mind kicks into overdrive.

Sleep? That only happens after every idea and scenario have played themselves out.

To make matters worse, the ideas really aren’t ones I can use. At least, not right now. I already have more projects on the go than I probably should. More new ideas just add to the angst I feel at not spending more time writing on the ones I have.

And they distract from the stories I’m trying to write; all that brainwork isn’t helping me move forward on current stories.

<le sigh>

The only thing I’ve found that works is to let my brain run its course, jot down notes and keep rereading my other works-in-progress to try and reboot things.

How about you? Does this ever get in the way of your writing?


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