Splitting My Focus

I am starting to realize how difficult it must be for professional writers to keep everything going all the time. We amateurs may think all they do all day long is sit and write, but really there is so much more going on than that.

Take my current list of projects and the associated activities.

  1. I have a book under contract. That means I will soon be doing revisions, marketing and promotion. The revisions seem straightforward enough, but the promotional and marketing elements could be huge. Interviews, blog tours, talking to book stores, getting all the various social media outlets setup.
  2. I am self-publishing a book. That means revisions, layout, getting cover art and, as above, all the promotional elements.
  3. I am revising GalaxyBillies for submission. I believe GB will find an audience even if I end up going the self-publishing route. At the moment I have to do the revisions and get it into a more presentable state to send out.
  4. I am still writing new stuff. I’ve got three other stories on the go and several that I want to write including a Novella/Novellette for podcasting (in the GalaxyBillies universe).

All this and I’m not even making a living at it. I’ve got to wonder how much the professionals have to do. I’m sure they do much the same as above, only MORE. It feels a little daunting.

When I split my attentions even further with family and work (both of which take priority, in case you are wondering), it feels like an even bigger challenge. I’m not complaining, mind you. Not EXACTLY complaining. I did chose this path for myself after all.

I’m curious to know what mechanisms you use to cope with the challenges? Chime in, I’d love to hear from you.



  1. I try to remember to eat the elephant one bite at a time 😛
    On Myr’s latest ‘I Should Be Writing’ podcasts, she has used the drop in the bucket analogy. I try to remember every little bite of effort will add up even if the end goals seem overwhelming. A little work on one project. A little work on another project. Eventually those little efforts will add up and bring everything one step closer to completion.

  2. That is exactly what I’m trying to do (although I don’t really like the taste of elephant – too gamey ;)). I’ve got to keep reminding myself that waiting for the opportune moment will mean that I’ll never get it done.

  3. Hard liquor is an answer. I’m just not sure it is THE answer. 🙂

    Just like a novel, I think breaking it into bite sized pieces is probably the only real way to do it.

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