Scouts are Coming to Save the World

On June 15th a book that means a great deal to me will finally be available for sale. That book is Scouts of the Apocalypse.

SotA-finalYou might point out that I have made similar statements about all my books (in regards to them being important to me) and you would be right. Every book I write is important to me. I have heard writers refer to their books as their children and I suppose that is a reasonable comparison.

But this one is different and here is why: the story started out as something for my Scout troop. My Scouts were part of the story right from the very beginning. Every time I read the story I remember sitting around the campfire telling the tale to a rapt audience. I remember the individual smiles when one of the Scouts found his way into the story.

I have changed the names of the characters to protect the innocent (or guilty – however you look at it) but the personalities are very much evident in the characters. That is another thing that makes this story special to me: I can picture my Scouts and who they are (and have since become) when I read it.

I don’t expect that level of connection for everyone. In fact, I would be surprised if any readers get quite that deep not having the background I do. Still, I wrote a good story if I do say so myself (and I do) that I think readers will enjoy.

The story actually takes place the day after a Scout troop leaves a deep woods camp. They have been out of communication for a few days and don’t know what has been going out in the rest of the world.

As they travel back toward civilization they begin encountering strangeness. What they find challenges their ability to cope and to survive what has hit the world while they were gone.

I would like to invite you to have a read. The book will be available as both an ebook and print novel and can be ordered everywhere fine books are sold. (Print ISBN: 978-0-9947266-2-9 and ePub ISBN: 978-0-9947266-3-6)


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