Resetting the Clock

In the movie Pacific Rim, after every Kaiju attack the Marshall resets the clock. The clock is counting the time until the next attack.

Before you start to panic, this isn’t exactly that kind of clock reset.

No, the Kaiju that afflict me are less the 500-foot monster variety and more the, holy cow I’ve got a lot of clutter. In my case, the clutter takes the form of partially thought out projects, mostly complete projects, story ideas and so on. Every once in a while it makes sense to take a step back, list everything that I’m working on and reprioritize it all.

Some of it becomes my immediate priority, others further down the line and still others might be put on a semi-permanent hold. To not readjust my priorities usually causes me to flail around for a while, totally ineffective. Nothing really gets done.

So, that time is now. I finished the first major edit for my publisher (on Mik Murdoch: The Power Within) and I’m waiting for the edits on Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty. That leaves me open for any number of other projects to start, work on and/or finish.

And there are lots, believe me.

So, tonight I’m going to sit down and make a list. Then I’m going to start arranging the work on that list so I can actually start setting goals and deadlines. Then…well, then I’m going to reset the clock and get to work.


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