Get Published Episode 134 – Marguerite Kenner & Cast of Wonders Podcast

Podcasting fiction is a legitimate and effective way to get your work in front of an entirely new audience who may or may not have heard of you. There are a number of podcasts that specialize in various literary forms that you can choose from.

One such podcast is The Cast of Wonders podcast. Cast of Wonders specializes in YA fiction, a wholly underserved area of writing in my opinion. That’s why I was especially happy to have the chance to talk to Marguerite Kenner, the podcast’s editor. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say, there is a lot of goodness in our interview. I know I will be writing some stories especially for Cast of Wonders going forward.

I also just had my first experience as a presenter at our local Young Writer’s Conference. It was a very rewarding day that I hope to repeat again next year. I talk about the day and what I took away from it in the Tips and Typos section of the show.

Lastly, Parsec award nomination season is upon us once again. I Please take a few minutes to nominate Get Published. I will include the link to the nomination page in the show notes.

I hope you enjoy it.

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published Episode 134 – Marguerite Kenner & Cast of Wonders Podcast

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

00:14 — Introduction – Get Published Episode 134 – Marguerite Kenner & Cast of Wonders Podcast (continued)

Welcome to the show.

01:45 – Promo – Earth Station One

02:29 – Tips and Typos

Michell talks about his first time at the Calgary Young Writer’s Conference.

07:43 – Promo – Pandemic

08:43 Get Published Episode 134 – Marguerite Kenner & Cast of Wonders Podcast (continued)

Mike and Marguerite talk about YA writing, Cast of Wonders Podcast and and much more:

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57:20 – Promo – Pop Mockers

57:51 — Closing

Thank you for listening.


Websites mentioned in this episode:

Marguerite Kenner/Cast of Wonders –

Earth Station One –

Scott Sigler’s Pandemic –

Pop Mockers –

Parsec Award Nominations –


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