NaNoWriMo – Day 6

I really wanted to hit my 1667 words every day of NaNoWriMo this year. I wanted to not miss a single day working toward my writing total. I realized today, that goal is not achievable. At least, not this year. Too many commitments. Too many demands on my time.

For example, today (early morning, actually) I set off on my second Boy Scout camp of the young scouting season. This time we are doing a survival shelter camp where the scouts learn techniques to keep the elements off them in case they ever actually are in a survival situation. It is a bit staged; we’re not allowed to cut any standing trees (that’s both dead and alive, in case you’re wondering), so we’re taking out things like tarps.

Not ideal, but it gives them the general idea of how it is done and that’s really the point.

Because I had to leave so early, I couldn’t in good consciousness sit down at the keyboard and type until the last moment. I don’t want to leave the rest of the troop waiting because my ego demands that I post 1667 (or more) words every day of NaNo.

I DID still do some writing. About 200 words or so. Just enough to say I had done something. I’ll have to be satisfied with that and try to power through a buttload of words tomorrow afternoon after we return. That is, if we return. 😉

Good luck reaching your own goals today.


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