NaNoWriMo – Day 16

I’m sure glad I’ve given up on planning what and when I’ll write. I would simply be disappointed and you know how I get when I’m disappointed.

What? You don’t? Hmm, probably best that we leave it that way.

So, we had our first snow of the winter season (or close facsimile) and it was a doozy. I believe we probably had four inches (approximately 9 centimetres) by this morning. I looked out my window and realized I couldn’t in good conscience write and leave the snow lying on the sidewalk. So, I reluctantly (and will much grumbling) went put on my winter gear and went outside to clean sidewalk. Since I live on a corner lot, I have a LOT of sidewalk that needs cleaning.

So word count for the morning was (drumroll please)… ZERO!

No surprise there, I’m sure.

Mid day rolled around at work and I didn’t have any chance to do any writing so mid day total was also a big fat goose egg.

I got home, ate supper and let for my Cub Scout meeting. It naturally ran long so it was almost 9PM before I got home. The wind had been blowing so the snow had drifted and needed to be shovelled again. So, I pulled out the snow blower this time and my son and I cleaned the side walk once more. That meant I didn’t actually start writing until almost 10PM. That’s pretty late for me, but it had to be done.

So, how did I do? Did I reach my minimum daily of 1,667? Did I manage to finally break that magical 40,000 words?


I broke 40,000 words and then I broke 41,000 words. In fact, I finished with 41,568 words.

So the breakdown one last time:

Morning word count: 0

Mid day word count: 0

Evening word count: 2121 words

NaNoWriMo total to date is: 41,568 words.


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