NaNoWriMo – Day 10

The frenzied pace of NaNoWriMo has caught up to me just a little today. I sat down this morning and looked at what I had left for plot elements in my story and knew that I was almost to the point where I either: a) do more plotting or, b) totally wing it and probably end up throwing most of the writing away in edits.

Now, I am not adverse to rewriting. In fact, I’ve already written one scene twice and I’ll decide later which I like better. Having said that, I do want to keep as much of the writing as possible so I’m leaning more toward plotting some more.

In all that thinking about plot, I didn’t actually do any writing this morning. That trend continued on into lunch when I also did not do any writing. That means it was totally up to my evening writing to hit and hopefully exceed my daily goal.

Now, before I tell you if I did it or not, I think I should reflect a little on how changing the way I’ve been doing my writing the last few days has felt.

In a word, “frenzied”.

I was actually obsessing about it during dinner. I am definitely feeling under the gun tonight and I frankly don’t like that feeling. Not one bit. Obviously, I need to continue writing in the morning and at lunch.

So there you have it. The lesson for me is to write at every available time and break it all up. That way I don’t feel so forced to do a big word count in one go and I can still hit the pace I want.

Word count for day: 2498 words

Total to date: 28,575 words


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