There are days when I’m totally on top of things and others where I feel like I’m spinning out-of-control. I thought today was going to be an “on top of things day”. I got up early. Felt more or less refreshed so things were looking up.

Then my bus didn’t show up and it all went downhill.

I think my house of cards is starting to get too tall.

So, I sat back, took stock of the situation and regrouped* (*Note: this was after a 1-hour work meeting that I hold weekly).

What I find interesting is how I felt when I started this post and now, an hour after having to step away, how I’m doing. It’s almost like Jekyll and Hyde. Now I’m more in control and moving forward. I had to slow myself down from my usual frenetic pace, do¬†something completely different/unrelated¬†and think about what needed to come next.

And now, I think I do.

So, if you were to take anything away from this post (other than I’m insane and shouldn’t be trusted), it is, when you are feeling hopelessly overwhelmed and out-of-control take a step away from the situation. In fact, try doing something completely different (Monty Python different if you can manage it) and come back to it after a break.

It helped me today. Perhaps it will help you too.

(this message has been brought to you by the collition for Mike’s mental health)


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