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It has been a busy last few months and things are really starting to roll for me. I have a book coming out in August, the anthology Jeffrey Hite and I have been working on now has a publisher (Five Rivers Publishing) and I have a brand new podcast about to debut this month.

The new podcast is one of those projects that just feels right. I had the original idea flash through my brain when I heard what two of my online friends (JR Murdock and Scott Roche) were planning this year. They both have some pretty aggressive writing schedules for this year.

Somehow, their plans made me think of a TV show I watched when I was young. It was an hour-long and had three separate serialized stories in each episode. Each week, another episode of each of the shows would be on TV. That’s where the idea came from. I suggested the three of us should write a story of our own in twelve serialized episodes. We would put each episode of our stories together in a monthly podcast.

That was before Christmas. JR and I had a discussion about collaboration for Get Published and we talked about the idea again. That’s where the name, Action Pack podcast came from. Enough people who heard the episode were interested that we started talking more. Scott joined in the conversation again and, after 45 minutes, we had our plans almost complete.

So, here is the scoop:

  • Scott, JR and I will each write an episode of our respective stories every month (mine is Boy Scouts of the Apocalypse);
  • We will each do a straight read of our own stories;
  • All three stories will be mixed into a single podcast episode that will run approximately 1 hour (give or take);
  • Flying Island Press will take the written work and simultaneously release an electronic version of the episodes in a single document for $0.99 per month (at the same time as the podcast is released);
  • Dan Absalonson is doing the art for both the podcast and the electronic magazines (each story will have its own art. mine is below);
  • One of JR’s friends is doing original music for the podcast (sorry don’t know name to give proper credit);
  • We have a webpage ( which still needs some work. That is coming.

All-in-all, the project is moving quickly. I hope you will check us out and, if you like what you hear, you’ll consider supporting the effort through the eBooks. By the end of season 1, each of us will have another book ready. I’m pretty excited as are my two partners-in-crime. It’s already proving to be fun.

And now, for the VERY cool artwork for my story:



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