Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience has been sent to Publisher

Let me say one thing before I get into this: No, this is not an April Fools joke. 🙂

I am delighted to be able to announce that I finished polishing edits last night to send the manuscript for Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience to Five Rivers Publishing last night.

This book marks probably the darkest chapter in Mik’s life. At least, the darkest so far. Here is the book’s (very brief) description:

It’s winter. Everyone’s slowing down, snuggling down. Everyone but the boy superhero of Cranberry Flats. When alien snow circles show up, Mik Murdoch is ready to investigate. But just as he is about to crack the case, a terrible accident throws everything into chaos. Mik must face his inner demons and embrace the superhero’s vow: with great power comes great responsibility. His future and that of many others depends on it.

This was a very important book for me to write for a few reasons. The first is I wanted to solidify what I’ve already done with the previous two Mik Murdoch books. I really like Mik and I wanted to give him another chance to grow. As many of us know, growth often comes with some pain and this story is no exception.

Another reason this book is important is that I wanted to force myself to explore the darker side of what it means to be a hero. It can often be easier to write light, happy stories that, while fun for the character, aren’t emotionally challenging. Life isn’t always about a series of happy events. Every one of us has highs and lows – Mik should be no different.

Finally, and this ties into the first point, I wanted to really set a proper course for the series. The first book was the origin story and I think it did a good job at that. The second book is about what happens when super powers first manifest and how that can throw life into chaos.

Book three is all about how having the ability to do something is not the same as having the right. It also allowed me to bring back some characters who have appeared in previous books. To me, that makes the world more real; people don’t just pop up and then disappear when we are done with them. They show up at unexpected times.

I will be doing of that as the series progresses.

I would love to tell you that the book will be out this year, but Five Rivers already has a full production schedule. That means it is currently set to come out next year. I’m hoping and praying for a minor miracle that will allow it to be available sooner than that. 🙂

For now, the best way you can help me is to read/buy the first books (either as an eBook as a print copy). If you have read them already and liked them, I really REALLY need more reviews for both. Don’t be afraid to talk about them. Remember, fear is the mindkiller.

If you didn’t like them, I would love to hear your comments. What didn’t work for you? That type of feedback is as important as what you did like.

I will keep you posted should publishing dates change. Thank you for your support.


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