Learning as I Go

There are days when I think I know quite a lot about being published and the trials and tribulations of being a writer. That is largely because I’ve had the grand opportunity to meet and speak with many fantastic authors and edits and publishers and…well you get the idea.

Then there are days when I know I’m a fledgling writer N00b who has a lot to learn.

For example, I naively thought I could walk into my local public library, introduce myself to one of the librarians and offer to come in to do readings/signings/whatevers and they would fall over themselves (okay, be receptive at least) to book me in. The reality is, I am now 0/4 on my attempts. Twice have I gone into Public Library branches and done the above. In both of those tries, I have been politely told that someone else handles that. The first time, the librarian took my card and information and promised to give it to the person in charge of the Children’s section of the library.

That was more than three weeks ago and not so much as a thanks, but no thanks e-mail.

The second time I was given the name and telephone number of someone specific within the library hierarchy and told to call her. The phone call (I am counting that as attempt number three) was made and all I got was voice mail. I left my name, number and information and started to hold my breath (which I released less than a minute later to prevent fainting). It is now ten days later and I have had no response.

Then, last weekend, I emailed my local library help address, carefully telling them who I was, what I wanted to do and I provided them some information about my book. They promptly responded that my information had been forwarded to the programming coordinator who would get in touch with me.

Success! Huzzah! Or, so I thought, anyway.

Nothing yet. Granted, it HAS only been a few days, but an email is easy to respond to, isn’t it? Even if all they say is, “Yup, we are looking into it.”

Perhaps I am being overly impatient (perish the thought), but I am amazed that a local author, with a kid’s book that is wonderful (Yeah, I know. No bias here.) is not being snapped up.

All part of the learning, I suppose.

I do believe that part of the hesitation is that I am an unknown quantity. I also know that a number of the local authors in my area don’t do signings without compensation. Put those two things together and it might explain the reluctance on the librarys’ parts.

But I will not give up! I will begin to make those connections like I did with other people in the past. I will persist until they are tired of me and bring me in just to shut up. 🙂

And…I will continue to learn this part of my craft.

Wish me luck!



  1. It really is about meeting the right person at the right time. I actually met a library event coordinator through a play company and ended up doing a book reading to all of 3 people. But at least the library put my book their shelf and advertized the event.
    So keep trying. The worst you’ll hear is no. And you never know when you will make the connection you will need.

  2. You are absolutely right. All I can do is keep trying and eventually (fingers crossed) I will break through and they will have me or my books (or both) in.

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