Hustle and Bustle

It’s that busy time of the year when there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. Come to think of it, that really describes any time of year for me, but the holiday season is especially full.

Mercifully, my shopping has been finished for quite a while so that isn’t in the way but I still have my Scout and Cub commitments along with all the other holiday related goodness too. And I’m trying to get GalaxyBillies ready for and I’m trying to get another short story written AND I’m trying to get back to work on my NaNoNovel AND… well, you get the idea. Lots of “ands” and not a lot of time.

I do have a great episode of “Get Published” coming out. I will be releasing it early so you have a special Christmas episode (yes, I said Christmas cause that is the holiday I celebrate. If it makes you feel better to call it “Holiday” episode or whatever, go for it.). My guest is a lady I had the great fortune to meet at Balticon this year. That is the only hint I’ll give you so you will just have to wait until Friday to learn more.

I’ve also made a decision. My family goes to a dinner theatre every Christmas. The last couple years the play has been poor at best and this year, it was a word-for-word re-enactment of “Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer”. It was OK but disappointing for me so I plan on writing my own Christmas play next year. Maybe it will find a home and maybe it won’t, but I’m going to do it anyway just to prove it can be done. Maybe I can add playwright to my resume.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whatever you personally celebrate and watch/listen for the next episode of “Get Published”. It features a great writer.


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