Excitement for the Apocalypse is Building

I have been working toward getting my book Scouts of the Apocalypse (formerly Boyscouts of the Apocalypse) published for a couple years now. For a number of reasons, that fire was rekindled in the past months and now, we are on the cusp of it being a reality.

I’ve written about 20% new material for the original story (that was podcast and currently sits on Wattpad) to round out the characters and address a few of the comments from my beta readers. It doesn’t make it an entirely new story. Not by a long shot, but it does make for a better, bigger experience.

In the process of the revisions I discovered what the next books in the series need to be. This one will likely be a trilogy but each book will stand on its own. Who knows? My publishing partner has speculated that it could become the next Hardy Boys with a myriad of authors writing in the series. Stranger things have happened, I suppose. 🙂

Yesterday we touched up our publishing plans and I got to see initial concept art for the cover. That means we are almost there. Good thing too because we are targeting mid-June for release everywhere.

As soon as I have a cover to share, you can bet it will be put up on the website.

Part of the excitement is, while this is a book I’ve wanted to publish for a long time, it also represents the next step for Evil Alter Ego Press. We have released our first book, Dimensional Abscesses already as an eBook. Scouts of the Apocalypse will be our first printed book and our first novel (and, if you would like to see Dimensional Abscesses as a print book in the near future, we have a bet with the contributors – sell 100 copies in 3 months and we will do a print run. Buy now if you want to help them – and us – out).

We are already talking about next steps for the press.

Stay tuned. I will have more information for you as it comes out…and be ready for the apocalypse. 🙂


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