eBook Cards Could be a Game Changer

Ever since I attended my first convention as a published author, I’ve wanted eBook cards. I’ve known that, as an author talking to my readers directly, eBook cards will allow me to sell more books.

But, what is an eBook card, you may ask.

Simply put, an eBook card is a physical means to sell eBooks in various formats. The first cards I came across were the size of a postcard, had the book’s cover art on the front, the book blurb on the back with a one-time code to use on a provided website. The one-time code and website would allow the purchaser to download the book in whatever format(s) was/were provided. The most recent ones are the size of a credit card.

The importance of these cards can be summed up in two words: more sales. I say this because I have found that people are more likely to buy my books after talking to me. That’s primarily because I am still a new, unknown author. Most people don’t know I exist. Once they talk to me and hear my pitch, the chances of them buying my work is substantially better.

The problem has been, without the cards, I’ve only had the ability to sell my physical paper books. I’ve had many MANY people say, “Oh, I only read on my Kobo/Kindle/tablet/whatever any more. I don’t buy paper books.” I understand that completely. My preferred method of book purchase is electronic. The problem is, those people say that and then leave. Some say they are going to buy the book when they get home. Unfortunately, those comments don’t seem to translate into actual sales.

Yes, it could be that they are saying that as a kind of brush off. It could also be they intend to buy the book when they are talking to me only to forget once the heat of the moment has cooled.

For the later, that can easily be fixed with the eBook cards. I can sell the card, sign it and the reader can get the book electronically at their own convenience. And, I have managed to convert another passerby into a reader of my work.

The cards are small and light and much easier to deal with than a regular paper book. I can inexpensively use them as a promotional item (mail, giveaway, whatever) or I can bundle them with my books. Whatever I want to do.

AND, as if that wasn’t enough, the company┬áI will be using (Dropcards.com) provides the cards cheaply (the first 100 are approximately $100 and less after the initial order and setup) and to both established presses and self-publishers. That means I can have the same style of eBook card whether I am publishing through Five Rivers or my own self-publishing ventures.

All of that makes the cards game changers for me. I can see them helping me to increase my sales and my exposure as a new author.

That makes it a winning combination all-around.


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