Down But Not Out

I’m developing a theory about my own busy life. Basically, the theory is, as long as I’m running full-out, I won’t have time to get sick…or die…or whatever. If I can do that, I could become technically immortal.

Okay…I’m not actually that deluded (or egomanical) but it sure sounds good. I mean, every time I work to my limits of capacity, when I finally allow myself to slow down for even the briefest moment, I get sick. Not every time, mind you, but often enough. During the marathon session I’m perfectly fine.

So, does that mean I should shoot for the moon and never slow down? Not at all. In reality, the longer I burn the candles at both ends, the shoddier my work becomes. I get more unresponsive and, when I finally crash, I crash hard.

I’ve tried moderation. Alas, that doesn’t work either.

So, maybe, rather than coming up with weird theories I should just try my best to come up with a better work/life/writing balance. What a concept.

Still, despite being sick all this week I have plenty to celebrate. Mik Murdoch: The Power Within is on track for the August 1 launch as hoped for and I’m seeing movement on the novel JR Murdock and I co-wrote. That would be Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty in case you were wondering.

I’m excited about that one too. I had a quick skim of the book a few days ago and I really like it. I think you will too.

Now, all I have to do is get healthy again so I can REALLY enjoy my life. 🙂


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