Get Published Episode 136 – Megan Cutler & James Abendroth

I talk about collaboration and self-publishing quite a bit on Get Published. I guess that is probably because I have an interest in both things. So today, I interview Megan Cutler and James Abendroth. They have been working on a collaboration project for the past few years that has just been released. Megan and James released their book, Island of Lost Forevers as a self-published novel. We talk about their collaboration process and what they did to self-published their novel.

And before we start the show, I want to let you all know that Mik Murdoch: The Power Within is now past the edits phase. The cover is finished and the book is being laid out. It will be available as both an eBook and print book August 1st, 2014. If you are interested, I am sure pre-orders will soon be available both from the publisher and from online booksellers worldwide. It would really help me out if you preordered the book when available.

I would also like to mention that Parsec Award nominations close on May 31st. If you haven’t already done so and think the show deserves a nomination, please go to right now and nominate Get Published.

I hope you enjoy it.

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published Episode 135 – Aaron Navrady, Illustrator & Writer

Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

00:14 — Introduction – Get Published Episode 135 – Aaron Navrady, Illustrator & Writer (continued)

Welcome to the show.

01:49 – Promo – Earth Station One

02:32 Get Published Episode 135 – Aaron Navrady, Illustrator & Writer (continued)

Mike, Megan and James talk about Megan and Jame’s new book, their collaboration and self-publishing efforts:

  • Collaboration, long distance Collaboration, sequel, author’s voice, copying your partners voice, Killing darlings, Editorial styles, executive decision, Collaboration tools, let it go, writing process, Island Of Lost Forevers, Defining success, Self publishing, agents

54:57 – Promo – Pop Mockers

55:28 — Closing

Thank you for listening.


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Megan Cutler –

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Earth Station One –

Pop Mockers –

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