Day 20 – Ideas

I have often been asked where I get my ideas from. It is a question I’m sure many creative types have been asked, too.

The short answer is, ‘Everywhere’. I get my ideas wherever I happen to be, doing or experiencing various things at any time of day. There’s no telling when an idea will strike.

Why am I talking about ideas now?

I know I’m participating in NaNoWriMo, writing Mik Murdoch 5. I’ve been exercising my creativity on a daily basis, coming up with more exciting ideas for this book. That doesn’t mean I can’t think about other projects.

For example, I have a comedy I want to write. I’ve had the idea for a few years but I haven’t really spent much time developing it. I’ve known the high-level story and who the main protagonist is. I’ve never quite known what the conflict will be.

That changed today. I had a flash of inspiration that will make the story even more fun. It may become my next project when Mik 5 is complete. Time will tell.

Any other ideas?

As a matter of fact, yes. I had more ideas around next steps in Mik 5. I also thought of what the final battle might look like. Both were unexpected and will take the story in directions I haven’t gone before.

The ideas will definitely flex my writing muscles. I can only hope that I will become a better writer because of it.

Today’s word count: 1,818 (Total words to date: 35,040)


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