Day 19 – I’m in the home stretch

I’m happy to say I’m finally in the home stretch with my novel, Mik Murdoch 5 (final name still pending).

I’ve brought a number of disparate elements together (not to mention characters) and the plan for the final battle is underway.

This is where the fun really begins!

Writers fatigue sometimes sets in here

I’ve heard anecdotally that this is approximately where writers start to run out of gas. They’ve been focused on building their story and they are simply tired of the book. I will admit, I’ve been there myself.

What is keeping motivated (besides trying to win NaNoWriMo) is all the material I’ve managed to write that is building up to the final climax. I’m giving a lot of credit to how I wrote this book – basically, focusing on a the scene(s) that are front-of-mind regardless of where they appear in the story.

That has allowed me to write about what is most interesting to me at any given moment. It has also allowed my mind to roam over the entire length of the story and find holes to fill. I know there are still pieces that need more attention, but that’s okay. I have a lot of flesh on the bones of the story and I’m ready to press forward.

The exciting conclusion…

I like to spend time in my stories building the characters and their relationships with each other. I also like to give my characters the opportunity to grow. Sometimes I do it well and other times it makes the story read a little slow.

I can see how this story needs to end and the scenes coming that require character growth are going to be filled with a lot of action. They should move very quickly. That will be fun to write and, I think, fun to read too.

When the end hits, it will be after a major battle royale. I’m excited to write it!

Today’s word count: 1,824  (Total word count to date: 33,222)


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