Day 17 – Ahead of the curve

In past NaNoWriMo’s I have been able to get into high word count daily writing early. The writing helped me hit the goal relatively early in the month. It took a little longer this time but I am currently ahead of the curve.

What do I mean by that? Well, by the end of day 17, my total word count was a full day ahead of schedule.

Why that’s important to me

Things come up in life where I either have a much reduce writing time available or not time at all. I already had one day where I wasn’t able to write this month. It could happen again.

By being ahead of the curve now, if I lose another writing day, I can still hit my 50,000 word goal without heroic efforts.

I want to emphasize that for a minute because it’s an important message. Getting ahead of the curve with my word count was achieved by exceeding my daily goal by a few hundred words over a few days. For you writers reading this, achieving the goal of completing a book isn’t about heroic efforts. It’s about consistency – writing a little regularly.

Early insights into the story

I like dialogue. I enjoy writing scenes where the characters interact verbally. I don’t do it necessarily for info dumps (I have read books where that seems to be the only reason for characters to talk) but to build the relationships between characters.

I’m also aware that dialogue isn’t always the most exciting thing for readers. This is a superhero book so there needs to be action in the story. That I’m not (yet) hitting the action/dialogue ratio I want doesn’t concern me at all. That is something I can easily address in edits.

I’ve also touched on this in many of my previous posts – I’m feeling a richness to this story that I wasn’t sure I could achieve (but really hoped to).

Today’s word count: 2,328 (Total word count: 30,081)


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