Day 16 – Therapeutic and relaxing

Day 16 was another good day. Work has been exhausting lately and the writing was actually therapeutic and relaxing. It went much quicker than expected and I was happy with the results.

All positive things.

I also left myself with a new set of scenes to write that will address one of the plot elements.

Am I overcomplicating the story?

If you have been reading about my NaNoWriMo journey this year, you have seen me talk about plot elements. A lot. You’ve also seen me talk about big scenes.

Before you ask if I’m making the story to complicated, let me reassure you a little. One of the ‘features’ of writing a series is, you collect more and more characters with each book. They all have their own wants and needs and they all have their own stories.

I tend to write my books so there are plot threads dangling at the end. My strategy is, those threads will help me to write a larger, cohesive overarching story that is interesting to readers. I also hope those threads will give me bigger and better ideas for the next book(s).

Not all of those dangling threads are big plot elements. It could be something as simple as, I’m foreshadowing a new pet for a character (obviously, with a role to play). It could also be something much bigger (and potentially sinister).

I’m weaving a number of those threads into this book for two reasons. The Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero series was only meant to be six books. This is book five so I need to line everything up for a satisfying finish. The other reason is, this book is dependent on a number of elements that have really only been hinted at in previous books. I want those pieces to become more important and make sense at the same time.

That is why you keep seeing me talk about writing scenes for another plot thread.

All over the place

I am writing this book in a very different way. I’m almost writing a plot thread at a time. That will mean more work when I do my edits, but I’m also trying to be mindful and not write scenes in a vacuum. That means new scenes should tie into other previously written scenes with ease.

Note, I used the word ‘should’. Not to worry though. I have experience from my team writing of the Jack Kane books and threading together disparate work. This will be easier because it is just my own work.

Word count for the day: 2,148 (total words to date: 27,753)


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